An incredibly moving book. To find peace and a sense of home between the sea and the stars after a life so profoundly affected by the housing crisis, is truly inspirational. (Raynor Winn, bestselling author of The Salt Path)

Superb: a compellingly readable reflection on what it means to be alive in a mortuary, free in a society of slaves, and on place, home, relationship, and our need for the surging wild. Angry and kind; poised and desperate; urgent and vital. Davies can help us all to get a life. We need her. (Charles Foster, author of Being a Beast)

Poignant, honest and very timely - a report from the edges of a fraying culture. (Paul Kingsnorth, prize-winning author of Beast)

An articulate and beautifully written account from the heart of the housing disaster, told at the last point we can choose to change. (Danny Dorling, author of All that is Solid)

This book is star witness for a generation whose lives have been so injured by the housing crisis. It is funny and furious, tender and true. (Jay Griffiths, prize-winning author of Wild)

A memoir full of heart and soul. Passionate and perceptive, Davies writes with great insight about the past, her childhood, her relationship with the sea and the land. Homesick is a moving, thoughtful and joyful book. (James Macdonald Lockhart, prize-winning author of Raptor)

A marvel, a tonic of wildness - Homesick is a gently powerful and deeply beautiful read (Hugh Warwick, author of Linescapes)

Stirring, striking and extremely significant. A beautifully written search for freedom exploring social justice, mental health, nature and the priceless value of home. (Sam Bleakley, author of Mindfulness & Surfing)

'A memoir about a woman struggling to make sense of death and in the process transmuting grief into meaning. It is also a tale of female courage and discovery. Read this book if you have ever loved and lost a person you loved. It will inspire you to find a path through loss and come out the other end. Catrina Davies writes with a curious and open heart.'
(Monique Roffey, author of With the Kisses of his Mouth)