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Journalist Vicky Spratt wrote an article for The Independent about the complexities of alternative housing.

Here’s a quote from the section about me and my shed:

“We’re obsessed with the idea of housing being a certain way and costing a certain amount and I don’t subscribe to that at all anymore. We’ve become totally disconnected from nature and we build our housing with no thought for the environment, for the things we need to live alongside – like scrubland – which is important for the ecosystem.’“

Well, quite.

Read the full article here.

Fun Things To Do While The World Blows Itself Up

daffs 1


Cut firewood. Treat yourself to a brand new saw. Don’t press with it, just move your arm and let gravity do the rest.

Find firewood. This is better than buying it, because it means you don’t have to work, which means you don’t end up accidentally paying for Trident. There is firewood everywhere if you know how to look. The same goes for magic mushrooms. And war-mongering small-dick heads (of state).

Eat magic mushrooms. You can’t be arrested if you eat them while standing in a muddy field watching the sunset. The colours are better. Your friends are funnier. And nobody died.

Surf. Before the sea freezes over.

Go to bed early with Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett.

Burn effigies.

Sign petitions.

Pick daffodils. In November. Think about the reality of climate change. Read about the devastation caused by forest fires in Indonesia. Marvel at the lack of reportage. Ponder the meaning of global security.

Hope. (Don’t pray). (Religion doesn’t seem to be working).

Ignore everything you read in the newspapers unless it is written by Frankie Boyle:

‘A government that doesn’t believe it should have any responsibility for regulating our banks or even delivering our post thinks it needs to be a key player in, of all things, the Syrian civil war. Somehow, the plight of this strategically significant state has touched their hearts. Britain is so concerned about refugees that it will do anything – except take in refugees – to try to kill its way to a peaceful solution.’

Refuse to be a part of it. Like Camus said:

‘The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.’


Honey Moon

HM 1 HM 4 HM2 HM5I slept out that night. It was Friday 13th and there was a Honey Moon (pictured). I woke to the sound of the birds and the seals. A week later I sat on a gate with a gin and tonic and watched the sunset. It was Midsummer and there was much to celebrate. Sometimes life is magical and I notice. Those are the very best times. Tomorrow I am going to Scotland to take part in a cattle drove and climb Ben Nevis, or go surfing. In my bag I have some blackcurrants I harvested from my garden. They are ripe. When I get back I will tell you all about it all. It’s been ages since I wrote anything on here. Sometimes life gets in the way of technology. Those are the very best times.