My second book, Homesick, will be published by Quercus in July 2019.


I’m a little scared. It’s personal and very close to home. It’s about home. I will have more news soon.

It’s been a very long, very hard slog, but I’m proud of the outcome. I’m also really looking forward to new projects.

I’m going to be updating my website and sharing monthly mixes, unreleased songs and assorted stories. So stay tuned.

Life is short, and sharing is important.

I hope you’re all very well. We need our combined strength to stare unflinchingly at what is happening to our world and fight to save the things we love.


8 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. Jessica

    If you weren’t a Corbynite, I’d think more of you.
    By the way, Labour are losing more and more members and more and more voters because Corbyn is nicely tucked in with may to facilitate Brexit. This is a fact.
    You probably won’t publish this, but you’ll see it.
    All the best!

  2. Robert Schick, rogue composer

    i understand your sentiments well…just read your essay in Dark Mt: “Why I Live In A Shed” and your further explanations on your website. Impassioned. FWIW: i no longer spend precious moments on what i call The Inbrednet (humans talking only to themselves), so finding your words was a rare treat. i’m a composer, recently finished, after 7 yrs (124 pg libretto and more than a thousand handwritten 12 x 18″ score sheets), the opera (i call it an Operarth) ‘Sphere (The Most Passionate Love Triangle Never Imagined)’, about a female and male and the Earth they love, and all The Innocents we humans have harmed, murdered and continue to do so and what we can do in reciprocation, in actuality, for our stupidities. The Innocents are ALL Lifeforms. So, i think i ‘get it.’ Thank you. Sincerely, rogue composer

  3. Anne

    Loved your book and look forward to your second one in 2019. I’m a 59 year old and lived a mainly mainstream life with adventure on weekends and holidays. Your writing speaks as much to me as a younger generation, thank you.

  4. Rebecca

    Yay indeed. I was playing Ribbons at the weekend and my husband just wrote about the book for his school English department display of favourite and influential books.

  5. Kate

    I look forward to reading your book and more posts. I’ve missed your writing and your honesty. Keep going as you shine a light which is important!

    all the best

    Kate x


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