Bookshelf #1 Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I love books about as much as I love anything. That’s why I wrote one. It’s also why I have decided to share my love of particular books and their authors with a special “bookshelf” post each month. I won’t be attempting exhaustive critiques. I will simply be sharing my personal connections, inspirations and loves. Continue Reading »

Why I Write Songs

In the interests of living in time, rather than killing it, which is a sentiment I took from a recent blog post by the wonderful poet Claire Pollard, who was also on a train at the time of writing, I decided to use my recent long train journey back to Cornwall from London to try Continue Reading »

Shakespeare on Surfing

‘This music crept by me upon the waters, Allaying both their fury and my passion With its sweet air: thence I have followed it Or it hath drawn me rather.’ When I was at school we studied Shakespeare’s Tempest. I remember our teacher trying to explain to us – a classroom of giggling fifteen-year-olds going Continue Reading »

Money and Art

‘Money sucks’ said my friend, a painter, from the depths of my sofa. We had been talking about the weather. It’s cold. She can’t afford heating. I understood exactly what she meant. Until I started busking, and learned that people were willing to pay me to do something I loved, money was tainted by the Continue Reading »

Well, this is embarrassing…

I wrote a book. I put me in it. I put sex in it. I put me having sex in it. Oh dear. We’re not talking 50 shades of cello. It’s an adventure book about love, death, freedom and busking from Norway to Portugal. It’s got muskoxen, the midnight sun, cellos, guitars, mountains, musicians, surfing, skiing, out-of-body Continue Reading »