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  1. Gail Owen

    Hi Catrina,

    My name is Gail. When I read the excerpt from Why I Live in a Shed as published in The Stinging Fly I was moved not only by your delicately evocative prose but also by the fact you are open in the segment about the reality our planet is dying. I have just moved back to Cornwall, where I grew up, armed with an MA in creative writing and several ideas, and I hoped that maybe you would like to meet for coffee. I would love to hear about your creative process if you would be interested in chatting about it. I am currently working on a novel – literary fiction. I have had one short story published and my second is forthcoming in Confingo this October. (I’m guessing this message will be public?! But I couldn’t see how to send a message on your contacts page…)

    Best wishes,


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