Well, this is embarrassing…


I wrote a book.

I put me in it. I put sex in it. I put me having sex in it.

Oh dear.

We’re not talking 50 shades of cello. It’s an adventure book about love, death, freedom and busking from Norway to Portugal. It’s got muskoxen, the midnight sun, cellos, guitars, mountains, musicians, surfing, skiing, out-of-body experiences, ex-boyfriends, broken limbs, sailing boats, french doctors, Lapp huts, reindeer, the Arctic Circle and the Cabo San  Vicente.

I didn’t think about the ramifications when I sat down in my shed about a hundred years ago and stared at my ancient computer screen. MAD stuff had happened to me and I wanted to write it down. As honestly and entertainingly as I could.

And now, against all the odds, it’s getting published.

Embarrassment is the discomfort that arises when we feel like we’ve done something socially unacceptable. In the past, I have held myself back from doing a lot of things for fear they would be socially unacceptable.

Like singing my songs in public.

But now I do sing my songs in public, because I finally realised, after thirty four years of overthinking, that embarrasment, fear and being socially acceptable just don’t add up to much in the face of love, death and freedom. We’re all in it together, this magical, mysterious thing called life. And let’s face it, nobody has a clue what’s going on.

So go ahead, read all about my sex life.

If nothing else, it’ll be funny.


2 thoughts on “Well, this is embarrassing…

  1. kali

    well I have just finished your book, it was very inspiring and I loved it every bit, including reading about the sex, you wrote very tastefully but it gave me a thrill 🙂


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